Fracturing A Finger.

In PE we commonly play this game called Kick Ball. It’s really just Baseball but you kick a ball instead. The 6th graders had gotten all of the kick balls wedged in between the metal skeleton of the roof. Without the kickballs, we had to use a purple dodgeball.

I usually play close to the kicker just in case if they bunt it. About halfway into the game, a girl kicked the ball with full force into the tips of my fingers. I couldn’t feel my hand but a minute later the pain kicked in. I went to the restroom to wrap my pointer finger (the one in the most pain) with a couple tissue so I could wet it and then dry it, creating a makeshift cast.

I went back into the game and yep… it was the same girl up to base. She kicked it and it ended up hitting the same fingers! It knocked off the cast completely. I spent the rest of the period in the restroom, possibly crying… don’t judge.

Overall, it was by far the most painful thing I’ve felt in 3 years. It’s still healing and Walgreens dosen’t sent finger splints for children so all I can do is wait.

Our Adventure In Memeland Part 6 – Finale

We knew that Jerry Seinfeld was inside a huge paintbrush in a kiwi in a dead dog that was purple and made like 3 keks per hour. We had to find le dnkst mem… and Joey I guess. As we built Le Meme Mobile, I called Ryan a meme face. He was colossally triggered. “My kek is top, my memes flow free. You guessed it right lel kek XD!” Ryan exclaimed in a frantic tone of PTSD. “Bro,dude,man,guy,boy,homosapien of the male gender, like… chill.” I replied to calm his nerves.

Ryan built us a space ship made of uncooked ramen noodles and we stopped at Burger King before we arrived at the paintbrush. The fortress was surronded by scary gablins and ninjees. It was REAL 5P00KY but we managed to avoid them. The castles interior was littered with Twinkie wrappers and VHS tapes for the movie Space Jam. It was kinda grodey and a LITTLE 5P00KY but after a minute or so we watched Space Jam and it was pretty good. 11/10. We walked into a room the a giant row of curtains.

The VHS tape arised in a hellish glow as Serry Jeinfeld appeared with a doggo in each hand. “I contain the power of all my fellow knights!” Jerry yelled in pride. He was too powerful, he had the power of Shrek,Cory,Pepe,and Barry B Benson. Ryan pulled 4 swords out of his hair and gave me one, while he kept the other 3. What a jerk. Beerry Shrekfein shot squeezed the sides of the doggos, causing them to open fire an endless vomiting of live babies. The babys were flying at us at 90mph. We crossed our swords are the babies flew straight into…. actually I don’t like this part. Corry Pepfeld screamed in agony as he melted into diet Pepsi. Ew. The curtains unraveled as Joey was reviled inside, still sitting in the chair of the candle light dinner, leaning forward, eyes closed, and lips puckered for Jerry Seinfeld. We did it. We saved the world. plz subscribe



As you know, doggos come in many shapes and sizes. But some dobbos are weird and some say aren’t even doggers at all! In this educational blog post you’ll find out about many types of ¬†Dogebots. Stay Tuned!


First of all there are “Woof Bork” Doggos. These dongers are your average doddo and can be found in hairless 2 legged dombers houses. They’re known at “Hi Yes” Doggos. By far one of the most advanced dingers on earth.

“Snip Snap” Doggos are silly tiny black doggos who have fangs and a “Zipper Tail”. These dombits are very dangerous and kill 7 billion Woof Borf Doggos a year.

“Mew Mroow” doggos are scientifically known as “Dumb Stupid Idiots” or “Cates”. Cates are by far the most intelligent dohbo.

“Blub Glub” Doggos are fat ugly domdies that live in ponds with “AAAAAAAAAAAAAH” Doggos. These are dongnits that have strong armor on their backs.

Now you know about most on the dingisis in the universe! If you discover any other dooboobs than leave a comment for educational purposes. Stay Memers!




We stared in disbelief. “Lol woh the 2 heckz r u and y r u here?” Grandpappers asked with heavily bitter sass. “I want ur Best Iguana Talking Cat Hybrid!” The purple, Jewish,Nigerian,flying,fire breathing,rooster faced, monkey goblin replied. He swooped down and threw Louis into a life sized model of Dj Khaled. “NOOooOOOOoOOOOOOooOOooOO!” Ryan screamed. Since I was a self loathing jerk and wanted more screen time so I yelled back, “I will fight you in a last epic battle at the end of this series!”
(Totally not foreshadowing)
He flew out as Lenny bled to death from a baguette that the purple, Jewish,Nigerian,flying,fire breathing,rooster faced, monkey goblin stabbed into his chest. Ryan cried 421 times in 3 minutes and then got over it. We had to get Louis back, no matter how many stale meme we must get through.

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also feminism is dumb

Our Adventure in Memeland Part 4


The stury rezumse.

I sniffed Barry B. Benson until he smelled like Spider-Man covered in the organs of a banana kek. Cory and Pepe had already sniffed each other to death. Shrek looked at me with a dead stare. “SOMEBODY ONCE TOLD ME THE WAS GONNA ROLL ME!” Shrek shrieked. It was my only weakness, smash mouth. I confronted my fear and replied. “I AIN’T THE SHARPEST TOOL IN THE SHED! HEY NOW YOUR AN ALL ST-”

Shrek drop kicked me 50 meters. After a quick bandade, neasporin, and a quick 2 minutes of crying, I got back on my feet. I charged at Shrek with full speed but Shrek drop kicked me 50 meters. After a quick bandade, neasporin, and a quick 2 minutes of crying, I got back on my feet. I charged at Shrek with full speed but Shrek drop kicked me 50 meters. After a quick bandade, neasporin, and a quick 2 minutes of crying, I got back on my feet. I charged at Shrek with full speed but Shrek drop kicked me 50 meters. After a quick bandade, neasporin, and a quick 2 minutes of crying, I got back on my feet. I charged at Shrek with full speed but Shrek drop kicked me 50 meters. After a quick bandade, neasporin, and a quick 2 minutes of crying, I got back on my feet. I charged at Shrek with full speed but Shrek drop kicked me 50 meters. After a quick bandade, neasporin, and a quick 2 minutes of crying, I got back on my feet. I charged at Shrek with full speed but he was too strong.

I screamed at the height of my lungs. “UR MEMES ARENT DANK!”
It was over. Shrek exploded into m&ms and Ryan was revealed inside of him. Ryan tickled my finger so I committed mass murder on the streets of New York. We had to find Joey but first we checked the safe that the beasts were guarding. There was nothing but a note.

“Lel, Jerry Seinfeld here. Eating memes, sniffing ur Nan’s pickled baby feet and cuddling with Joey over a candle light dinner. Joey and the dankest meme are in my possession. Get keked on m8.

WHAT HAPPENS NEXT? PART 5 HYPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

a normal post with no intention to talk to you about memes


I walked with a homeless man through heaven, looking at memorys. In every memory there are 2 sets of foot prints showing how he walked me through the pain of that day. I notice that the time that I’m most sad is where there is only one set of foot prints.
I turn to the blue hobo and ask, “Why is it that you walk with me in every memory accept for the ones I need you most?” He stares at me, joyful with how he has helped me.
He opens his mouth for the first time ever and replies, “RAISANS!”

We exploded into the air and swam back to earth. BAM BAM BAM BAM BANANA! We were back at the feast of baby vomit and live dogs! “WHAT TEH KEK MONGERS!” Joey screamed in an anime fueled fit of rage. “SMASH THAT LIKE BUTTON????????????????????????????????!” Ryan and Lenny yelled in a symphony of laughter.
Granpappers made some sweet fried sweaty gorilla feet covered in tuna flavored ice cream! Every one was calm after dessert until a purple, Jewish,Nigerian,flying,fire breathing,rooster faced, monkey goblin jumped through the window! ”
Hello! It is I, Jimble D Newtronbo!” the purple, Jewish,Nigerian,flying,fire breathing,rooster faced, monkey goblin screamed.

Wat is 2 hapn on prt 3? idk stay tooooooond


“OH GOSH DARN DANG DING DONG, THATS A HECK A LOT A MEMES!!!” I exclaimed to my Best Iguana Talking Cat Hybrid, Louis.
Louis was never a cantaloupe so she can’t sniff his way out of le meme pile. XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

But then Ryan,Joey,Lenny, and Granpappers broke in and had a huge short tea party inside of the talking lemon! It was bonkers! “Is that a fish I smell?” Joey asked. There was no fishys in the room so we licked his ankles. We lick meme until meme go way.
We did it. We saved the world. We had a celebratory feast, mostly consisting of live dogs and baby vomit. “HOOOOOO WEEEEE, IM STUFFED!” Ryan carved in to the leg of a blue hobo.

The End

Everything’s a meme

I’m a meme!
Need proof?
Battle toads is a game.
Battle toads is a meme.

Chief Keaf
Chief Keef
Chief Keef is a meme

Dog with a blog
Dog with a blog is a meme AND I’M A DOG WHO POSTS MEMES ON HIS BLOG! Wake up sheeple.

I keep memes in my hands



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Our Adventure In Memeland Part 3

On our journey to Buzzfeed, we encountered Gardfel. “I h8 mundeyz! WHERE IS LASAGANA?”

James was in the corner, crying and playing Pokemon while Joey sucked on Garfel’s Lasagans. Ryan ate more than 3 onions and 360 420 720 1080 4K no-scoped Garfel 2deth.

We rode an alaskan bull worm slash 3 toed great arabic sloth who had like 6 meme. Joey rode a man with no arms or legs who constantly screamed in agony.kek.

We arrived at Buzzfeed after getting icecream at walmart and eating it inside of a giant kiwi. At Buzzfeed we were tackled by many raging feminists. “YOU AWFUL SEXIST PIG! GET OUT MANLY SCUM!”

We were overrun until James dropped a massive truth bomb and they exploded into thousands of pieces of paper with true facts on them. One said “feminism is stupid” and another said “feminist are sexist”

We  walked into the cage where they kept the beast that protects the best meme.

It was…….






PART 4 HYPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!