ISR Post

My book is called Echo by Pam Munoz Ryan It’s about a kid named Otto. Him and his freinds were playing hide and seek in the woods. The was a tree where they meet up if they couldn’t see it they went to far. He lost the tree he went and sat down and pulled out a book. Then he was so into the book he said I’m going to go out and show my self he got up and then tripped over a branch and then woke up at dawn. He sat down and cried. Then he was walking around the woods and he was trying to find the way back he sat down and the 3 girls from his book came alive.

A Football Game

We had a football game on Monday we lost.

The score was 0-14 I got a bunch of tackles and even a big hit the ball flew on to the field our team didn’t pick the ball up do which sucks.