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I love key lime pie

Key lime pie is amazing. It is so creamy and tasty. I love the key lime in it. It is beautiful.

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ISR Assignment

Prisoner of War by Michael P. Spradlin


Theis book takes place in the hot, humid Philippines where all in sight are beaches, jungles or water. The U.S. are waiting for the Japanese to strike the beaches and attempt to take the island. This book is about a country boy 15 year old Henry Forrest. His mother died when he was 11 and because of that he is beaten by his father and decides to run away to marines underage. As he was caught, the Japanese bombed the island and he got away with it and served in the Philippines with his buddies Gunny and Jams right beside him. Turns out he wasn’t expecting to be waiting for over 2 weeks for the Japanese to attack and the all soldiers on the island to surrender and be takes as prisoners of war, the Japanese made all the soldiers march 60 miles to Camp O’Donnel and during the March they had no food, or water the whole March. When they got to the POW camps were brutal and the guards were abusive. Will Henry survive? Read the book to find out.