Rereading Old Books

I enjoy reading books I’ve read before. Because sometimes I missed something, or read something wrong, or just didn’t understand it. So when I reread I realize that I was complety wrong about that or what he thought, sometimes I just remember something wrong and when I read it again I think to myself that I was complety wrong about that. ┬áPlus sometimes I just like to read it again for fun because it is a really good book, sometimes I read a series three to four times. Like The Five Kingdoms Series (still waiting on the newest book in that series coming out in March). So I usually read books once or twice because I really like reading that book.

Tour of the States Song

This is an old song that they showed us in fifth grade called the Tour of the States song.They showed it to us while we were learning the states of America. It’s actually kind of catchy, but it didn’t really help with my knowledge of America. You’ve probably already heard it before, but well hear it again.

New Books

I really wish authors would finish writing their books faster I mean I know it requires a lot of time to make it, but then they shouldn’t end their last book on a cliff hanger. But what I really hate is stand alone books that end on cliff hangers I mean if you’re going to write a stand alone book don’t make it a cliff hanger. the books I really want to come out are coming out in July which to me seems like a really long time to wait for a book. But these are really good books so I would hate for the author to make them bad because he’s in a rush to finish it. So in the meantime I have to find some other books if you have any recommendations please leave some in the comments.