Why Watching Soccer is Boring.

Passing, and passing, and passing. Ugh! Just shoot already. Geez! Soccer can be a really boring sport to watch.

First off, they pass way too much during the game. I mean I know it helps during the game, always pass, and all that. But just don’t pass when you don’t need. Plus they sometimes are really dumb and pass to the opposing team by making a really bad pass. They should shoot more and pass less, then they might score more. Them passing around too much is one of the reasons why soccer can be a boring sport to watch.

One other reason Soccer can be boring is they rarely make any goals. If they made more shots/goals it could make the game a lot less boring, but sadly they don’t. The lack of goals makes this a very boring game to watch.

There are many sports more interesting to watch than soccer. Some people enjoy watching soccer, but I’m not one of them. But playing soccer is another thing, soccer is a lot more enjoyable to play than to watch. I’d much rather play soccer than watch it.

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