Why Books are Great.

Books are amazing, they let you do amazing things, like get your point across, journey to amazing worlds, and simply tell a story. Books are great and here are some reasons why.

First off, books let you put yourself in an amazing world. You can travel across oceans, reach the stars, and even go to a completely different dimension. Books like Fivekingdoms let you travel to a completely new world with magic and creatures never before seen. Letting you put yourself in somewhere new is one of the reasons books are great.

Another reason is that it helps you tell your story. For example biographies, they tell the lives of people. They show us how they lived and what happened to them. It also shows all the problems they faced and all the hardships they had. They even sometimes contain a hidden warning so as to not repeat the same mistake they did. So the other reason books are great is because they tell you the story of people.

There are many different reasons as to why books are great, but in my opinion the biggest is that they’re fun. I mean there are two reasons as to why you would do something, you have to or you want to, books can be in either but I’d rather have it be in the I want to.