Checked-Out Books

I hate it when a book I really want to read is checked-out. Sometimes it takes the person weeks to read the book, which really angers me. Some people don’t even read the book constantly they just keep putting it off until they finally finish by reading five pages a day.

I wish that people could be more considerate when they check out a book because their are other people who want to read that book. Some people don’t even read their books some days and just have sitting at home or in their backpack gathering dust.

I just think that if you want to check out a book think are you really going to read it or just leave it unopened. ¬†You don’t have to check out a book you’re not goin to read. I mean what’s th point of that there are people who want to read that book, and by that I mean actually read it not just leave it on a desk or in their backpack.

So please just remember that if you check out a book, think if you actually want to read it, or just leave it in your backpack. Try to finish your books within the return time and especially try not to lose it.

2 thoughts on “Checked-Out Books”

  1. I hate when people have checked out books, and they keep them for way too long! This happened almost every time I wanted to check out any book in the Harry Potter series, and so finally one day I decided to go out and buy the whole series, and I’m so happy I did! Now I can read the whole series whenever I want! Because you can’t buy all the books in the world, you have to check out books from the library, and that takes a while!

  2. Agreed! I really hate when I finish a first book, and someone has already beat me to it and checked out the sequel, and I have to wait x number of months to get it. Very well said!

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