An Open Letter to Book Readers

An Open Letter to Book Readers

I’m writing this letter to readers to tell you I know your pain. The pain of not being able to find a good book. The pain of being stopped right in the middle of the good part. The pain of the book ending on a cliffhanger. I understand it all, but you should always keep on waiting. For you always find a good book, you will always have time later to read that good part, and the next book will come out sometime.

You should never give up on a book halfway through, read it to the end, it almost always gets better. The book you’re reading might have a bit of a dry spell, but try your best to make it through. Cause then you’ll never know how it ended. Like some people read the first couple pages of Harry Potter and said it’s boring,- I know unbelievable- and they refused to go back and read the whole thing. So you should always finish a book, never get discouraged by a couple boring pages because you never know what masterpiece is hiding right under your nose.

Never, ever, judge a book by its cover. I know a cliche, right. Well it’s unbelievable how many people do it. I admit I’ve done it a couple times, you know the usual that’s a girly book and that book isn’t my kind of book. I feel like such a hypocrite, but sometimes you do it subconsciously. Lots of times a bad book gets a good cover and good book gets a bad cover. You don’t know what marvelous stories are behind that horrendous cover. The Lone Star books helped me with this. They would show you amazing books that have been awarded as some of the best books of that year. Some books might look horrible, but try reading a bit and it might be one of the best books you’ve ever read.

So whenever you read a book or a series try not to get too upset by cliffhangers, or things not going the way you want them to. Never stop reading halfway. If you start a book, finish it.

Never stop reading,
Jawad B