Game Room

My game is a room with a lot of room. It has a couch that my bounce. It has a chair but it does not have a human. Is has a type that is slightly brightly. The carpet is whit elite the felling. The end

A Car

   One of my passions is old cars. I don’t know why but I have always wanted to build my on car. So this is a typ so f car I actually want to build. So this is why I chose this picture.  

Seven Wonders Lost In Babylon

So I am reading a book. That is very surprising. So this book is the 2nd of the series of Seven Wonders Lost In Babylon and it is by Peter Lerangis. There are 4 kids named Jack, Marco, ally and Cass. The have a weird thing inside them called G7W. It will meek them die Read More…

Sush Is A Fish

Sushi is a raw fish. Did you know that? My dad is the ceo of uchi  and Uchico. That’s pretty cool. I also like food. It tase good. Some other food I like are pizza, Orange chicken and a place called Loro. I also joined the football team today. We went to the weight room Read More…