Portland Move

When i moved from California i was very sad to leave my friends and family and i’m not going to lie i wished for a while that i could move back to California for the longest time and i wished that till the week i found out i had to move… here i was very VERY sad and i realized at that moment you really don’t know what you have til you lose it. ;(

My First Pet

I was so happy that we were getting a pet i was very young but i can still remember the towering pet store it was like a huge oak tree and i was just a strand of grass, As we walked in a short lady greeted us and we told her qualities of a dog that we wanted and she matched us i could not hear her but i could tell she was right she led us to a small room where a few minutes later a man walked in with a cage and i could not wait my eyes widened while the man opened the cage and i saw as a dog ran out and jumped on me and started to licked me it was love at first sight she had a tiny body and a big head she almost looked like a living bobble head i could tell we were meant to be she did about 20 laps around the small room and then approached me and put her head under my arm i tightly hugged her my mom didnt think we should get her she wanted to save a dog from the pound i begged her after about 5 minutes of pleading and begging she finally cracked and said we could get her we named her stella even though my mom really wanted to name her penny recently i also got a guneia pig which i name penelope but sometimes my mom calls her penny. ☺