Five Minute Friday – Grateful

laptop_pileAs I struggle to help my students upload pictures to their blogs, I decide to abandon them.  NOT in the way you might think.  I hurriedly walk down the hall and rush into the open computer lab.  I’m on the hunt for laptops.  Yes.  Laptops.  I’m done with iPads and tapping that doesn’t work.  I pile into my arms about six or seven computers, search quicky for some chargers in case they are dead and trek back to my room.  Somewhere along the way back, a thought enters that nearly stops me in my tracks.  Grateful.  I. Am. So. Grateful to be here.  So amazed that I could just walk into a room and take computers without anyone asking what I was doing, without having to “check them out”, without having to explain anything at all.  I needed laptops, and they were available.  What a night and day difference from just over a short year ago.  On that short walk back to my room, I stopped for a brief moment and prayed that I would never take this for granted, and that somehow along the way that my students wouldn’t forget that either.

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