5 Minute Friday

Join us every Friday in the 2016-2017 school year as we set aside a quiet five minutes and write to an unexpected prompt.  The catch?  You only get five minutes.. no more!  Write as much or as little as you would like.  Be open, be secretive, be mysterious, be funny, scary, sad, creative, silly, brave… whatever comes to mind in five minutes!  All that matters is that you are writing whatever comes to your mind!


Every week, one of my student’s posts will be featured on our classroom blog, and I encourage you to fill out the form in each of the Friday’s posts and share your posts as well!



  • You are only allowed five minutes to write your post – no pre-planning!
  • You may go back into your post and add a picture after you are done writing it.
  • No videos!
  • You must write to the prompt in some way – either by including the word or incorporating an element of the word in a thematic way.  Of course, you may tell personal stories or completely make a story up!
  • There is not length limitiation – only time!
  • …and NO editing when you are done!



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