I like this picture because first of all, it’s very cute and I love cute stuff. Otters are also very fun and adorable. That is a fact. These 3 otters look very confused as they look into the camera, which is pretty funny. Otters are one of my favorite animals. They are cute, can float and water, and look REALLY funny when running in land!

The Burning Maze is a Good Book

The Burning Maze is the 3rd book in the Trail of Apollo series written by Rick Riordan. The book takes place in modern-day America, with children called demigods, part-god part-human.
As punishment for being careless letting evil things take over parts of his domain, the Greek god Apollo is cast out of Olympus, being turned into a mortal, and forced to make his wrong doings right. In other words, freeing 5 Ancient Greek oracles from 3 evil Roman emperors, trying to control the future through prophecy.
So obviously, being a Rick Riordan book, it was phenomenal (I don’t think this surprises anyone though). It really set up a lot of mysteries and goals at the beginning of the book to spur the reader onward to find out what happens, and the book explains/finishes up all of them. What few little mysterious that weren’t explained are part of the bigger plot, spanning across the series.
The character development was amazing too. The main character, Apollo, starts off very selfish, arrogant, and impatient, wanting to regain his former godly status after being cast out of Olympus. Through many trials, hardships, and even sacrifices, Apollo becomes more responsible and compassionate for his allies. It happens gradually too, in the first book, Apollo starts off selfish and snooty, looking out only for himself. In the second book, he slowly starts to realize that the mission isn’t about becoming a god on Moun Olympus again, it’s freeing the oracles from the roman emperors and saving the world. By the third book, his snooty behavior while still present, has been dialed down and replaced with a more pratical and selfless protagonist that is sastifying to read about.
This is what is so good about Rick’s writing: it’s all gradual. Rick skillfully writes in a way that slowly morphs Apollo’s personality in a way that’s subtle, realistic, and sastifying watch happen.
In summary, the book was very good. It had a good pace with lots of action, plenty of new fun characters, an awesome villain, and an interesting plot.

Guitar Chords

Guitar chords are good at teaching hand-eye coordination. Being able to quickly move your hands across the fret board takes quick, nimble fingers and intense concentration. It’s very difficult to to play and switch individual chords, read and keep the pattern of sheet music, and keep strumming with your right hand the entire time.

If you want to learn more go to this site

Student Council

Dear human, today was ok, I guess, except for 9/11 and all (cause that’s a good omen). Nothing really interesting happened today, but my teacher is making us write our first post so, here we are.

I’m running for Student Council, so that’s something I guess. If I had to guess, I’d say that Student Council just runs a few school events and programs. It’s not that big of a deal, but my parents are acting like I’m running for mayor! Last night, my parents were talking all about how important it is to get involved with this stuff, which I guess has some truth in it.

I’m just in it mostly for the experience, but also to meet new people in a different environment. That must sound really weird, coming from an introvert from me, but I just feel like I should meet new people.