Phantom’s Lair

He brings me down deep under the Opera House. You can start to smell dead rats. Not a sound to be heard. The Phantom looked at me as if I could brighten up this terrible place.


Broken furniture, dusty cobwebs, and an organ waiting to be played on.


Nothing could help this place, nothing.


We stop after half an hour of going down. He welcomes me into his home of darkness, despair, and hopelessness. Who knew some place could ever be this dark, sad, and lonely.


I see so many beautiful pieces of music written, but spoiled by the Phantom’s  soul. Operas that would have been so successful, but not. Once seeing this lair my heart darkened. I wondered if I would ever see someplace this dark other than this.


The Phantom kicks something towards me, a skull of human. He’s telling me that he’s willing to kill, anyone.


Anyone that comes in his way.


People say that he killed his own mother and had his face shamed and burned. He’s been rejected by society, isolated from society, shamed by society.

One thought on “Phantom’s Lair

  1. Hello. I am a graduate student and teacher and I am learning about how to use blogs in the school classroom. I enjoyed reading your blog post. Your use of imagery is fantastic, it paints a very vivid picture in my head. As part of an assignment for my graduate class, I had to find a student blog and assignment that I thought was a good example. I found yours and did make some comments about it on my own blog that I am learning to use. I posted it here in case you wanted to see it. Thanks again. Anthony

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