The dixi dude

The Dixie dude

As I sat atop the longhorn

All across the field


I could see The thundering cattle

as they yield

To the ranchers atop there mounts

moving fast as they shout


As I sat atop my longhorn

I could see the horses fly by


As the leader sets the pace

As they race  to the gate

So that they can eat there food

On time and not late


As I look down at my longhorn

with a ^ on his head

he out a puff of smoke


I hear the horses nay

And I look up to se

Buttermilk ‘comin my way


authers note-

the dixi dude is a western stile “resort” and you get to ride cattle while your waiting for your Horce to get harnessed. As I was sitting on the long horn i saw so many pretty things all around


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