Lemons and Limes

Lemons and Limes Lemons and Limes are plucky trumpets crowing in the fog. Lemons and Limes are fierce tonics, slathering my tongue and throat cold juice, refreshing acid Lemons and Limes cut out, eat out, burn out the bad. Lemons and Limes freshen up the party feel like little-kid belly flops–stinging feel like hot tears […]

Sing With Me

Sometime in the evening, in that warm, fuzzy stretch of time when your stomach weighs heavy on your hips and the orange sunset is all burnt out, you hear your parents sing. And the sound is foreign at first, because your parents are about bickering, teasing, and scolding, not singing. They are about raising three […]

Thought Loss

You’re at it again.   Slaving away over your laptop, slamming out words at an aggressive pace. The time is well past what’s considered healthy for a normal circadian rhythm–but when something calls to you, it calls to you, and it clenches you tight in an iron fist.   Period, dash, apostrophe, question mark. This is it, you think, […]

Summer Storms

Summer Storms storms brew in the summer, like soup boiling in a pot, stewing. they build, and build, and build as the skies turn gray and the people turn red with frustration. they tease with humidity, cranking up temperatures and frizzing up hair, and occasionally they laugh with muted thunder or the flash of a […]

My Cousin: Then and Now

You know those people who, despite not having a reason to, you just despise? The ones who you can’t help but glare at, infuriated by their lack of a response towards your deep-seated hate? The people who stare at you with confused eyes, then have the audacity to mock you by smiling?   Yeah. Everyone was “that person” when […]

An Open Letter to Sebastian Verlac

Dear Sebastian, You were the sort of character who bypassed all the logic that fictional characters should live by: impossible to love, yet inexplicably difficult to hate. You were a demented murderer, and it seemed as if you slaughtered the fandom’s favorites with every other chapter. Yet despite the sickening things you did…I pity you. […]

The Great Coffee Breakdown

Once, my Texas History teacher assigned an elaborate project for our final grade of the semester. We had to assume the role of a pioneer traveling to Texas and document our lives in journaling. It sounded fun, but there was a catch…we had to “antique” every page with coffee or tea. This is why my […]

The End of Seventh Grade

Seventh grade is drawing to a close. At first glance, it felt that it would never end—but now it is, and I feel remarkably similar to the Jessica from last year. And the year before. There are some subtle changes. This Jessica is a few millimeters taller, has slightly straighter teeth, and finally hacked off […]

Why I Read Fanfiction

My life as a seventh-grader is built on running: running towards the brink of school-induced insanity; running away from the bullying thoughts of “If this is middle school…what will high school be like?”; running from one required activity to the next, conditioned to be comfortable with chaos. Amidst a torrid storm of bad scheduling and […]

Love of Letters

Last year, in December 2017, I submitted a poem to the Scholastic Alliance for Young Artists and Writers competition. I honestly had no idea what I was doing, but in the end my poem won a Silver Key award for the Southwest Region At-Large. Yay! I’ve always been private about what I write, and with […]