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My life is messy. If you haven’t gathered that yet from the title of this blog, I’m telling you now.

I will never claim to be an organized person, and I’ve always liked the idea of having a junk drawer. A magical place where the most bizarre things reside, where the forgotten items rule, where you can never find anything when you need to, but you can find everything that you don’t need.

Everyone needs a junk drawer. A place where your ideas fly around with no one to criticize them, where you stash the little trinkets that hold infinite value, or maybe none at all. The problem is that most people tend to forget about it. Or they avoid a Junk Drawer. It’s too messy! they say. Or: I can never find anything!. The list goes on forever. What’s the point? I’ll have to clean it out someday. I don’t know what to do with it! I’ll just forget it’s there. It hurts my eyes!

People don’t realize that a junk drawer is a safe place. A haven, of sorts. It’s where you know yourself, and where you find both newer and older versions of your personality. It’s where you take a moment to stash things away for the future, and dig through the tales of old. It’s like the perfect place where you can know for sure that you are safe, and everything you have ever been can be preserved. There are no rules, no judgements. You are your junk drawer, and your drunk drawer is you! One of the greatest things about a junk drawer is that you can also clear away the parts you don’t like about yourself, and fill it up with better things and a better person.

But the best quality of a junk drawer is that Magic Moment when you go back and dig through it. Lost relics that you thought were gone forever were simply waiting for the day they resurface in dusty glory. Memories pop up in your brain as you gaze at the wonders inside your junk drawer. Most likely, your junk drawer will look like a unicorn vomited on it-a haphazard mess of blinding colors. Or maybe you’re that person who labels their stuff. Either way, your junk drawer is the ultimate treasure chest. There’s no telling what you’ll find when you look in there! You can find the best parts of your life in a junk drawer, but only if you find it in you to look.

With that said, welcome to my junk drawer. The kingdom of my thoughts, and the place where my brain has freedom to be as jumbled, creative, free, wacky, and weird as I want it to be. A place where yours can be, too.

Take a look around. See what you find.


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