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Do not be mistaken. Sports anime is not just beautiful people playing sports, with friendship drama, angsty teenagers, humor, beautiful people, unrealistic abilities and-oh, did I mention beautiful people already?

Sports anime can seem shallow. And yes, sometimes it is, but the overall nonstop action and hilarious characters can make up for points in the story where the plot sags. As a whole, this genre of anime is a funny, heart-stopping, adrenaline-incurring, heart-throbbing journey of a lifetime with way too many (un)wanted cliffhangers. Now, how can something so seemingly innocent destroy your life?

Sports anime is carefully calculated to slowly but surely take over your life until you’re sucked into a black hole of never-ending adventures and (once again) beautiful people playing sports. One show will end, and it’s ending is guaranteed to carve out a void in your life. Desperate for more of the loveable characters and a slightly melodramatic tone, you cast out, seeking more.

You find it in (guess what?): another sports anime. This one pulls you in deeper into this dark pit, but you’re so happy to find more good binge-watch material so…You. Don’t. Notice.

This vicious cycle continues until you realize that you’ve fallen for the worst trap of all time. You’re obsessed. No matter how interesting something else seems, you can’t get over sports anime. By this point, you’re pitiful. Huge dark circles hang under your eyes, a result of many sleepless nights spent cheering for a fictional team. You’ve most likely worn the same thing for a week now, and you smell and look like a rotting fish. You’re twitchy, and you jump around at any sudden move, randomly breaking into a play-by-play analysis of the latest episode-in Japanese, no less.

You can make it better. Take this from someone who has been there, done that. This will end. Your life will become a shining beacon of light again, not a nervous wrecking ball obsessed with only one genre of anime.

My best advice: wait it out. Eventually, the endless stream of colors and episodes will fade away so you can stamp it out of your life. Sure, you might be sad and gloomy for a while, but that’s understandable. Just remember how much you used to like sci-fi thrillers! And think of how many you’ve missed in the time you’ve been in The Place That Shall Not Be Named. You’ll be back on your feet in no time!

That is, until the next batch of sport animes comes back. It’s just too good to resist.

6 thoughts on “Sports Anime

  1. You write so well!!!!!! It’s very interesting.

    Do u also notice that in sports anime, whenever the main character is making a huge move, strange wind and light swirls around them and time slows down to explain the “logic” behind their special moves. Like in Kuroko no Basket (or however you spell that), when Kagami and someone else fought against each other and went into the “zone” and their hair color, red for Kagami, was zapping from their eyes to show how intense their match was. And how Kuroko did his “Ignite Pass Kia” thingy and blue light and wind swirling around him and time slowed down.

    1. Yes! All the color and action make things cool, but also reaaaaaallly unrealistic. Especially in KnB. Haikyuu is more realistic, but a 2-minute moment can last for 10 minutes. They’re fun to watch, though!

  2. If you like anime have you ever tried cosplay it’s so fun to walk around and look at everyone dressed up as anime characters.

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