That Moment When…

…you claim to have watched a show, but you actually didn’t. I am so, so, so very guilty of this. Sometimes I do it with books, too! I don’t know how many times I will accidentally make it sound like I’ve seen a show, when I’ve actually only heard of it. If I got a dollar for every time I did that and ended up regretting it, I’d have…not as much money as I want, but still! Let’s just say that I do it a lot.

Just, anybody who’s reading this, don’t do what I do. In fact, I should stop doing what I do. Just tell the other person/people that you haven’t watched it and save yourself the trouble.

Or you could be like me. And mess up. Big time. Here’s an example:

Person: OMG, I love that show!

Me: Um, yeah, I really like the soundtrack!

Person: You’ve seen it! Cool! Yeah, so you know that part when so-and-so dies? I was crying so hard!

Me (slightly angry that Person has now spoiled it): Er…actually, I…Yeah! Same! *nervous laughter*

Now look what you’ve done! (Or what I’ve done, but, y’know. It could happen to any or all of us.) You’ve put yourself into a situation where you’re going to either a) have to watch it to catch up or b) act like an idiot and just parrot whatever other people say. Worse, Person might come back and continue to discuss the show with you! Think of how awful that would be!

Just, please, please take this seriously. I beg of you. The world is already awkward enough. It doesn’t need any more awkward conversations.

(But honestly, I might be the most guilty of this.)

3 thoughts on “That Moment When…

  1. We all do this sometimes. That is due to ” peer pressure”. You will get better at being yourself and not caring too much about what people think of you when you are getting more older, more confident, and more mature. And I know you will.
    Tons of love

  2. That is so me i do that all the time sometimes i don’t even realize it. When i cant rember what actually happened i think to myself did i really do this. I do it more than i think but can never thing of anything that happened. Your not the only one!

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