The Periodic Table Song

I love this song. I learned it with my friends back in fifth grade (yes, we memorized all the lyrics), when we were all just beginning to discover our nerdy selves. We used to sing it (scream, more like) at the top of our longs on every single bus ride to school. The tune is cheesy, but catchy, and this really helped develop my interest in science. Nerds unite!

For anyone who wants to listen to more nerdy songs like this one, check out this YouTube page.

6 thoughts on “The Periodic Table Song

  1. I still have the horrors of those days, nonstop singing. Just kidding! I still love that song personally, though I only know 12 elements.

  2. It’s really catchy and helpful. I’ve used it many times before to remember the order. My favorite elements are probably xenon, ytterbium, lithium, or nickel. I don’t know why I like those specific ones. It think I like xenon, Ytterbium, and nickel mainly because of their names. I like lithium probably because of how soft it is for a metal.

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