Procastination and I have a love-hate relationship. More of a hate-hate relationship, actually. That nagging feeling that screams at you to start working is so easy to drown out with the latest must-see episode of an anime, or just one (hundred) more page of a book. But a guilty pleasure has “guilty” in the name for a reason. Too often they make you guilty of procrastination.

And while too much of a good thing should automatically become wonderful (or at least that’s what our refrigerator magnet says), drowning in an Everest-sized pile of work is never fun. That project you started two weeks ago? It seems like you go to bed one night and suddenly you’re in class and your teacher is telling in to turn in your project.

Worse, the more you succumb to the Procrastination Wormhole, the more you feel inlined to fall back in the next time around. And each time, the consequences become worse and worse but the guilty pleasure (there’s that phrase again) of playing instead of working increases as well. Hmmm…this wormhole seems a lot like a certain genre of anime…

But of course, I’m totally a responsible seventh grader, so I get my work done before the due date.

Ten minutes before class starts definitely counts. Definitely.

2 thoughts on “Procrastination

  1. I too have a terrible problem with proscrastination. I’ll feel super on top of stuff and then I get home and can’t seem to focus! There’s always a new tasty video or a new life hack video that I have yet to watch! And I totally agree that getting work done 10 minutes before class totally counts as getting it done early!

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