As you can obviously tell already, this post has writing in it. So why, then, is the title “Blank”?

No, I’m not writing about the famous hikkimori anime siblings Sora and Shiro from No Game No Life. Perhaps I should… But instead, I will share with any unwilling lost, unfortunate souls the single darkest secret that I’ve kept this week. I just can’t keep letting this darkness weigh down on my soul anymore.


I have no idea what to write about.

Yes, yes, shocker, I know, but my mind refuses to generate ideas. Or rather, the opposite. It churns out too many.

I had so many energetic thoughts bubbling around in my brain, and I was so, so very excited to write about one of them. But every time I tried, I found that my motivation to commit to any of my previously-recognized-as-brilliant ideas just disappeared.

In fact, I toyed with so many different blog posts that I have three drafts sitting unfinished on my iPad. Three. Regret clawed at my heart when I left them, half-formed and neglected. Undoubtedly, they will either be forgotten, thrown away into the abyss, or finished and polished at some other time.

After running in several mental circles, I’m finally here. Typing this in English class, forcing myself to publish this post before the due date on Friday. (I mean, we all know about how easily procrastination can creep up on you when you least suspect it.)

As I’m writing this, it’s dawning on me how useless, and, frankly, stupid this post is. Oh, well. Sorry to any hopeful readers who wanted something deep and philosophical.

3 thoughts on “Blank

  1. It’s great that you’ve saved those unfinished drafts! Keep them indefinitely. Sometimes I find new inspiration in ideas that I started and abandoned YEARS ago.

  2. Hello Jessica! I have that problem a lot and so I often end up writing about books which ends up in lots of posts about books. I find that if you think of the most significant thing you’ve done that week, it really helps and narrows it down. Happy blogging (I hope your mind settles enough to decide on something to blog about).

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