I told myself I wouldn’t write about this because it seemed like the most unoriginal writing prompt I could think of. But there’s just something about the magical frozen ice particles that fall from the sky, and here I am, writing a blog post about snow.

Snow is amazing. I mean, to us Austinites at least. If you lived in Colorado, I imagine you’d be quite sick of the mushy wetness and the ever-present flurry of snow in the winter.

But in a place that runs as hot in both temperatures and temperaments like Texas, snow is something that might as well signal the end of the world.

When the overcast sky finally opened up and whirling snowflakes came drifting down, I did the only rational thing a child can do: scream and run outside.

It hasn’t snowed in Austin since kindergarten, in my memory, and I felt three again, enveloped in warm hot cocoa and a too-small, rarely-used down jacket.

And later, when I bundled into extra blankets, I felt almost giddy at the snow that would cover the world, and fell asleep to the inaudible sound of landing snowflakes.

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