Why Being Sick Isn’t All That Bad

I have become very intimately connected with my couch. These past few days, my daily activities suddenly got reduced to sleep, drink water, binge watch the Olympics, and browse YouTube. All done on my couch.

Last Monday, I suffered through four periods before giving in to a mind-splitting headache and stumbling to the nurse’s office. I got my temperature taken, and it was so high, so unbelievably high, I couldn’t believe it, it was insane, I—no. It was 98.6ºF, so not really a fever.

But it rose to 102.8ºF when I was crying into the couch at home, so I feel like my panic at the moment was justified.

As I lay at home (on my couch), I started thinking. Man, having strep and the flu simultaneously sucks. But at least my mom is letting me eat all the good stuff, and I no longer have to share and I get to hoard everything, and I don’t have to do any homework, and I get to sleep all day…

 Is being sick really all that bad?

Now wait! Don’t get me wrong, I hate the achy, sharp, stabbing pain and the numbing headache and the high fevers, vomiting, excessive sweating, constant exhaustion, etc.

But when you’re sick, everyone you know suddenly becomes sympathetic. Your mom doesn’t care what trash you feed yourself anymore, those friends who want to constantly eat your food no longer want to even try sharing, you can be lazy and not do anything—all without minimal to no judgement from society!

Yes, being sick is awful. It makes you feel disgusting and makes you look gross. There’s also the whole doctors and medicine thing, which could deserve an entire blog post on its own. But in the end…

Being sick is still awful. Seriously, you don’t want to have strep and the flu simultaneously.

2 thoughts on “Why Being Sick Isn’t All That Bad

  1. I agree that being sick has some benefits, but I think that I would rather not have the flu. Sure you get to skip school, but don’t you have to make it up anyways? There not only pain and throwing up, but there has also been some people who have died from the flu. In the end I think that I would rather not be sick and especially not have a deadly virus fighting my immune system.

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