Summer Storms

Summer Storms

storms brew in the summer,

like soup boiling in a pot,


they build, and build, and build

as the skies turn gray and the people turn red with frustration.

they tease with humidity,

cranking up temperatures and frizzing up hair,

and occasionally they laugh

with muted thunder

or the flash of a lightning-white grin.

and when they cry

(because a storm is just the sky weeping)

they cry for many things.

sometimes they cry because of laughter

and the sound of toddlers splashing in the downpour.

sometimes they cry violently,

and thunder yells while lightning shrieks

and the roads become angry rivers.

and sometimes,

sometimes they cry because they are lonely

and so tired that even the rain sounds exhausted,

softly drumming against windows and lulling us to sleep.

storms can cry for many reasons:




so i will watch and wait for a storm to start,

because storms come alive when they

brew in the


2 thoughts on “Summer Storms

  1. Powerful work, Jessica. I’m so glad to see you are still posting to your blog!

    I especially like the way this poem builds, echoing the image of the building storm. The poem increases in intensity just as the storm does.

    I look forward to reading more of your work!

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