Procastination and I have a love-hate relationship. More of a hate-hate relationship, actually. That nagging feeling that screams at you to start working is so easy to drown out with the latest must-see episode of an anime, or just one (hundred) more page of a book. But a guilty pleasure has “guilty” in the name […]

That Moment When…

…you claim to have watched a show, but you actually didn’t. I am so, so, so very guilty of this. Sometimes I do it with books, too! I don’t know how many times I will accidentally make it sound like I’ve seen a show, when I’ve actually only heard of it. If I got a […]

Sports Anime

Do not be mistaken. Sports anime is not just beautiful people playing sports, with friendship drama, angsty teenagers, humor, beautiful people, unrealistic abilities and-oh, did I mention beautiful people already? Sports anime can seem shallow. And yes, sometimes it is, but the overall nonstop action and hilarious characters can make up for points in the story […]

My Life and Reading

Ah, books. Where do I begin? I have, quite literally, grown up reading. When I was four, my mother used to make me read those kiddy books with five words on every page before I could go wander off and do whatever four-year-olds do. For a while, I associated reading with anxious fidgeting and boring flashcards […]

Welcome to My World

My life is messy. If you haven’t gathered that yet from the title of this blog, I’m telling you now. I will never claim to be an organized person, and I’ve always liked the idea of having a junk drawer. A magical place where the most bizarre things reside, where the forgotten items rule, where you […]