Thought Loss

You’re at it again.   Slaving away over your laptop, slamming out words at an aggressive pace. The time is well past what’s considered healthy for a normal circadian rhythm–but when something calls to you, it calls to you, and it clenches you tight in an iron fist.   Period, dash, apostrophe, question mark. This is it, you think, […]

Sock Problems

I have a theory.   This morning, as I was walking to school, my socks slowly slid off my heels to become a puddle of purple sock-cloth at the bottom of my sneakers. The second I felt my warm, fashionably-questionable socks start to budge, I felt furious. How dare my socks do this—for the umpteenth […]


I told myself I wouldn’t write about this because it seemed like the most unoriginal writing prompt I could think of. But there’s just something about the magical frozen ice particles that fall from the sky, and here I am, writing a blog post about snow. Snow is amazing. I mean, to us Austinites at […]


As you can obviously tell already, this post has writing in it. So why, then, is the title “Blank”? No, I’m not writing about the famous hikkimori anime siblings Sora and Shiro from No Game No Life. Perhaps I should… But instead, I will share with any unwilling lost, unfortunate souls the single darkest secret that I’ve […]

Welcome to My World

My life is messy. If you haven’t gathered that yet from the title of this blog, I’m telling you now. I will never claim to be an organized person, and I’ve always liked the idea of having a junk drawer. A magical place where the most bizarre things reside, where the forgotten items rule, where you […]