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Three Things You Need To Know To Survive 7th Grade

Are you an incoming seventh grader?? Are you scared?? Do you not know which electives to take?? Well, if you follow these three easy steps you’ll survive seventh grade.   David J. Mitchell via Compfight 1.LOCKER Keep your locker organized… Continue Reading →

Apple or Samsung

Who wins? Apple or Samsung? Both of these companies are great. They have thrilling technology, stunning service, and “phancy” phones. They each have their signature themes. Apple with their i and Samsung with their Galaxy. Although they both have positive outlooks, Apple… Continue Reading →


Nicholas Laughlin via Compfight   When teachers do a poetry unit they either structure it or it’s free poem writing. I’m not very good at either, but most of the time I like the structured ones better. Since in the structured… Continue Reading →

“Our Night on the Beach”

Our Night on the Beach At stars, I stare Bonfires glare Winds whisper through my hair The night, so fair Great laughs, we share Live music teems the air Toes swim the sand My lungs expand Her hand within my… Continue Reading →

Three Fun Places/Festivals in and Around Austin

Whether you’re into swimming, hiking, or music, Austin is the place to visit. A place to have fun or relax, we have it all! Three different, fun and entertaining places/festivals in Austin are Barton Springs, Austin City Limits (ACL), and Lady… Continue Reading →

Cookie Surprise

This weekend my friend and I made a cookie surprise. There were oooey, gooey cookies, melted chocolate chips, creamy peanut butter chips, crispy M&M’s, and marshmallowy goodness. First we made the chocolate chip cookie dough. We spread half of it… Continue Reading →

Taylor Swift vs Selena Gomez

Who wins? Taylor Swift or Selena Gomez? Both have matured in a way: Taylor Swift with her new pop album 1982, and Selena Gomez with her album Revival. Both are electric-pop, and both are unique. They have different voices with… Continue Reading →

Twilight vs Harry Potter

Who wins? Twilight or Harry Potter? Although the recent polls may suggest otherwise, in our opinion Twilight is a better series than Harry Potter. With the creative creatures, detailed description, and incredible imagery, Twilight is the perfect book. Twilight is… Continue Reading →

Membean vs Paper Vocab Packet

When it comes to choosing if I would rather do vocab on Membean (a website that helps you learn vocab words) or paper packets, I would choose packets. I personally just don’t learn as well on technology (they’re slow, there… Continue Reading →

Christmas Break

How was your break? Mine was full of rest and organizing my room. I’d sleep till elevenish then start cleaning one corner of my room. I’d take everything out and find one thing that doesn’t belong there, go put it… Continue Reading →

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