sailfish“Wake up Johnny, and Ian,” says my dad. Ian and I are totally worn out from the night before. We get off the couch, and walk to the table. After throwing a bowl of lucky charms down my throat I gather all of the Go-pro mounts, and put them in the bag.

Although Ian and I had a hard time getting up, we were super pumped to see what was gonna tug on the end of our line today!! Today was Ian’s first fishing experience in his life. We get to the dock, get in a dingy and drive out the boat. This boat was not any ordinary boat. This boat can catch fish. Its name is The WetAssII, and dang that boat can catch some freakin fish! We head out thirty miles offshore… after traveling for 1 hour with lines in the water I am out. I hear my dad yelling “FISH ON, FISH ON!!! GET IN THE SEAT JONNY!” I hop right up from my nap and hop in that seat! That fish tugged like no other. I reel and reel then the fish jumps 10 feet in the air. I just keep reeling. Finally I get  the SAILFISH 20 feet from the boat. 15 feet, 10, 5! It jumps flashing all of it’s colors from a bright blue to a metallic sparkling glossy black! We throw a harpoon, but miss, so we get a gaft and stick it right in the Sailfishs’ gut. We iget that sucker in the boat, and get a picture with it, but eventually we revive it. I had the most crazy experience in my life, and I want to share it with y’all! I jump in the crystal clear blue water, and revive the sailfish while I am swimming with it with my hand on its’ bill!

I really want to talk about how my dad, Ian’s dad, and Ian all caught a sailfish, and how I missed a 300 hundred pound marlin, but I might go on forever:). All good story’s have to come to an end, and this right here is the end of Jonny Holmes fishing adventure blog. I will never post again on this blog, but thanks to everyone out there that have taken time to read my blog… Bye:(

photo credit to my dad and Ian.

Texans In The Civil War

Texans joined the Confederate States Of America in the civil war… But why, why would Texas join the CSA? Would you? The war was happening because the CSA wanted to secede from the Union. The reasons Texans joined the CSA; well there is three reasons… Reason 1) Slavery. 2) States Rights. 3) Their Homeland.

Texas needed slaves, and that is reason one. The Slave price was very expensive at the cost of $1,200, and the population of slaves in Texas was 182,566(\!! Free blacks could live in Texas, but they had of have permission from the legislature. The weird thing is that Abe Lincoln the president of the Union believed that slavery was legal, but he did not want slavery to spread. The Texans fought for slavery because they paid hundreds to thousands of dollars, and then the Union just comes on in and tries to take them.

The second reasons that Texans fought for the CSA was because… States Rights. Texas believes that no state can make another state remain with the Union, or leave. Abe Lincoln says that no state can legally leave the Union. The Southern states wanted the rights to secede, because in the Union were strongly against state rights. To have states rights would be able to have a better economy, be a better state, and best of all…. be able to secede!!!! As you can see states rights was very important, and thats another reason Texans fought.

The third reason Texans fought in the civil war was to fight for their home.In doc d the man had fear that the yankees were going to take their home away. Another thing was protecting their parents, because the man was telling his mom to take all of her belongings and leave, so the yankees can not hurt her.

These are all very important reasons why Texans fought for the Confederate States Of America. To defend slavery, to defend their homes, and states rights!

Texas History On Why Texas Almost Failed As A Colony

The conflicts that the spaniards faced trying to make a colony are The geography , The population, and the hostile natives
Reason one… Hostile Natives some evidence is…
the comanches were burning down missions which is an act of terrorism.
The Comanches not only destroyed mission, but were also wrecking the Indians there. The hostile natives were killing friars. If you are mean enough to kill a Religious priest you must be very hostile . If you are hostile you are very mean; which is what the Comanches are that basically describes the Comanches MEAN!

The second reason…
The Spaniards almost failed as a colony is population. The mission population of San Antonio was declining. The Spaniards couldn’t make a colony if you don’t have population. NO population= NO colony. If you can not govern you’re a failure!

The final reason…
There were no ports, and without ports you can not park boats which was the way of transportation, The only other way of transportation was walking over the rough terrain. The rough terrain such as The Texas triangle which was a dry desert Seria Madre which was mountainous. All this rough terrain could lead to major failure.

Since the spainards almost failed as a colony they lost all interest.

WNB (Writers Note Book.) VS. Blog

Here are some differences between a writers notebook and a blog.

Writers notebooks handwritten and private. You can write about anything, because in a writers notebook anythings OK. When you post on a blog it is over electronics, and it is public and open to the world. You can not comment on a writers notebook; meanwhile you can comment on a blog-post. The purpose is to express yourself, and grow as a writer. The purpose of a blog is to engage with different audiences.

Those are all the differences I could think of… If you have some please comment them below!

Fishing With Dad

HHHHHHHRRRRRRRRRR you can here from the truck at 6 am. You see the reels in the back of the truck, and you feel the vibration of the truck pulling out of the driveway. You hear the crickets as we pull up to the gas station getting energy drinks and snacks, except we don’t get bait because we catch our own and there’s bait on the boat already. You also smell gasoline from the boats getting filled up for the morning fish trip.

We pull out of the gas station, everybody is tired including me and Christian my friend, because we stayed up till 2:59 am waiting for family guy to come on but of course we fell asleep right before it came on, so thats why me and Christian were tired. Me and my dad were trash talking eachother about who’s gonna catch more fish usually I do not to brag or anything.

We pull up to the dock, and we get out of the truck. My dad and Mr.Wheatley carry the reels while me and Christian walked through the store by the boat shop, and they always have my favorite drink sweet tea, and I always convince my dad to buy me one.

Were walking to boat, we get on me and Christian have to wear lifejackets. We get on the boat and bait the hooks. WRRRRRR you hear the boat starting up. Were off! we go through the rocks to get on open water. Then we get to then lucky spot “Time to fish!” WHOOOSH you here the reels sound when we cast we sit for about 5 minutes just waiting we get a couple nibbles. Finally after 10 minutes I hook a fish! ZZZZZZZZZZZ makes the line it’s a big one. After a couple minutes we have it in the boat its a 30 inch Red! later i catch 6 Black Dum and 2 Red Fish. My dad caught 3 Black Drum, once again I catch more fish than my dad!

Later that night for dinner we have Black Drum fried and fillaed it’s tasty like the usual. Then for breakfast we have some reeses puffs reeses puffs peanut butter choclate flavor! I had 6 bowls. I don’t know what we did with the red fish.

The Alamo

The purpose of the paper is for whoever is reading this can understand what happened during the Alamo. You also need to know the very brave men that fought for Texas independence; be grateful. The Texans had to defend the Alamo because they believed it was the gateway to Texas.

I hate Santa Ana the most! First of all he invaded Texas. The Texans didn’t invade them in the Alamo. Second of all if you think of Osama bin Ladan he is a terrorist. I think of Santa Ana as the terrorist back then during the Alamo. Nobody likes a terrorist ( if you do your obviously not American.) Santa Ana is very impatient with his men. For example he yelled at his two men, because they were being “to polite”. He says manners don’t win wars. The only thing that is likable about Santa Ana is that he does not want to kill baby’s or woman he’s just there for the brave men who fought. Santa Ana is very stubborn. He just wanted to march right over the Alamo. Most people would have gone around.

One of the good characters was Travis. Travis was very brave and willing to put down his life for the Texans! Travis always has a very positive attitude; he would always be determined to win the battle of the Alamo.

This movie left me with some questions…. Like, why don’t the Mexicans speak Spanish? Why doesn’t Sam Houston help? Why won’t Travis and Bowie agree on anything? Why was Crockett older in the movie than he was in real life? I found out the answer to two of my questions. Sam Houston won’t help because he is worn out and a pansie. Travis is a lawyer and Bowie is an outlaw; that’s why the won’t agree on anything.

The Texans had no way of avoiding Santa Ana. Santa Ana wanted to just March right over the Alamo, so the Texans Cowboyed up and defended their land. That’s what a real man would do! This concludes that even if the Texans wanted to avoid the massacre they couldn’t have.

My weekend

This weekend was a crazy weekend! When I got home on Friday, there were cars lined up and down my street. At first I was like… Who’s having a party, and why was I not invited? I saw a Penske moving truck. I’ve honestly never seen a moving truck at a party, so at that point I knew it was not a party.

They were shooting a movie!!! In my freaking coladasac. Well they weren’t exactly filming a movie, but that’s for later in the story… They were planning for a movie at my neighbors house. I thought to myself it’s not everyday that there is a movie being filmed by famous directors right next door to you!

The next day which which would be Saturday they actually started filming the movie in the coladasac that I live on. They had a huge generator on my yard, and also had a bunch of wires going through my yard! They were out till 12:00 at night, but I couldn’t tell what they were filming:(… All I could see was tons of bright lights and a B.M.W.

The rest of the night was boring, because I couldn’t see anything. Well that was my weekend… Feel free to share yours below in the comments.

GoPro 4

In this video you see a couple of clips that are shot on the new Go Pro 4. The Go Pro used in this video is the Go Pro 4 Black Edition.

A Go Pro is a portable camera. It is basically indestructible. There are 10s to 100s of different mounts for it, so you can put the Go Pro on your guns, rods, and bikes.

I honestly would suggest the Go Pro Hero 4 silver. The silver has a touch screen, so you do not have to download your media on a computer to watch it. On the Go Pro all your media is at the tips of your fingers! My friend Gray and I put his Go Pros on our bike’s. We have caught some really cool footage of us on our bike’s. I usually take videos of Gray because he is really good at biking. We have also got some really funny wipeout videos!! We also put the Go Pro on our Rods. We have not caught any cool videos of that though, but we will.

Although the Go pro does not have touch screen, it can go up to 4k quality! On YouTube the highest definition is 1,080 hp, but Go Pro Black Edition can shoot videos in 4k hp!

Christmas of Tackle!

What do I want for Christmas?

I want…

A tackle box stocked with buzz baits, zara spooks, pumpkin seed zoom flutes,
Crawfish jigs, a 7 foot flipping stick, and all the soft plastics
To hook one on a Texas rig.
Jitterbugs and hulapoppers, crank baits and wood choppers,
Devil horses and broke backs, grass frogs and chug bugs.
A 250 Johnson–just kidding! I would never get that!