What should we do about Ebola?

I read an article about Ebola this is the link if you are interested
This article asked me about Ebola and what should we do about it, so here is my opinion…
I think we should totally secure the borders, so no illegal alien comes that may have Ebola into America. I think that Texas especially needs to close the border off. We will need heavy firepower so no illegal aliens will get in to Texas. Not only could they have Ebola but, they make us work for them because aliens are to lazy to go out and get a job! I only support funding injured veterans that can’t make a living not some lazy alien or American!!! Put your reply in the comments box.


Catch and Release Method

Catch-and-release fishing is a great method to use for big fish and small. Studies show that fish who are caught and then returned to the water suffer such severe stress that they often die of shock. Fish often swallow hooks, and anglers may try to retrieve a hook by shoving their fingers or pliers down the fish’s throat, ripping out not just the hook but some of the fish’s throat and guts as well. When fish are handled, the protective coating on their bodies is destroyed. These and other injuries make fish easy targets for predators once they are returned to the water. What I am trying to say is when releasing a fish, do not tear a hook out if the throat. Simply remove it safely to save the fisheries. realesing


red I see the tiny rippling waves. I hear the screaming drag from the powerful red fish. I smell the salty air. I taste the sunscreen on my bandanna. I am feeling good luck with this top-water lure. Catching fish is like sleeping in on a Monday!

The RedFish



The Red Drum His body was fat and scalely had a beautiful tail! He passed the boat and snapped at the Crab, and the crab was noew being crushed by the redfish’s gills that were sharp that are sharp as Razors and I saw a flash of a red tail with a black spot and a row of red scales then out from under the boat the trophy red swims. That strange fish was scalely fat and red.

I was inspired by the Shark to write this The Shark was wrote by John Pratt