Freedom Is NOT Free

Unlike food stamps and welfare, Freedom is NOT free.(Iwrote this post on veterans day, but i forgot to post it.)

Today is Veterans Day.

I am frustrated. On a special day like this we should not have to go to school. We should also take work off. This should be treated like a Sunday, because without Veterans we would not be free.
If you can read this in English thank the Veterans.

What our school should look like.

Asia Offshore Adventures

I never knew Asia had good offshore fishing. When you here the word “Big Game Fish,” you automatically think of places like Panama, Costa Rica, Hawaii, And Flordia.

If you watch this video you will see a fish always on the line. Either the fish put up a good fight, or they are frequently getting multiple bites all at one time. If the fish were putting up a good fight; they could keep putting the camera on that rod. If they were getting multiple bites at ones, that just means the fish are hungry.

I always like seeing a fisherman with a smile on his face, and a bent rod in his hand! That bent rod feeling is the best feeling.
!IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD! Vid cred to youtube

My essay…

Below you will be reading my essay. Comment if you think I should edit anything, for I could get a better grade!
Jonny H October/31/2014
English Pre-AP
Period 2 Mrs. Kriese
Fishing The Back Bays With My Dad

“Knock, Knock.” The door goes very quietly. I ignore the racket on the door. “Knock, Knock!” The door goes very loudly. “Whaaatt do you want Dad?” “ It’s time for fishin boy!”. I jump out of that bed like a deer jumps over a barbed wire fence. I throw on my columbia shirt, and my swim trunks. I swear i was out of that room as fast as a antelope being chased by a puma! “ “Son you better wake up on the first knock.” “ssshhhhh Jon I am trying to sleep over here!” My mom says.

Me and my dad walk outside and get in the truck. “Seriously Dad?” “What?” “Ummm i don’t know we kind of forgot the thing you use to fish…” “OOOOHHH yah good catch.” My dad goes to the garage and gets four rods. “Alright we’re off!” We show up at Deep Sea Headquarters, hop on the boat, and fire it up. As we get out of the coast guards view we gun it flying across the bay at 60 miles per hour. Some say ” I have never caught a fish flying 60″ well guess what I ain’t caught a fish at 10 so pedal to the metal!

We race to the honey hole. “Throw the lines out there.” “Fwoooosh goes the line” over and over again. “Man dad this top water won’t hook up with anything!” “Throw a sink bait.” “Fwwwoooosh, plop.” I reel it up throw it back out. That cycle repeats over and over. I throw it one more time “BAM!” “FISH ON!” I get that sucker in the boat. That fish red, scalely, and fat. I bet that fish is a juicy and tender one! We ate good that night!