Christmas of Tackle!

What do I want for Christmas?

I want…

A tackle box stocked with buzz baits, zara spooks, pumpkin seed zoom flutes,
Crawfish jigs, a 7 foot flipping stick, and all the soft plastics
To hook one on a Texas rig.
Jitterbugs and hulapoppers, crank baits and wood choppers,
Devil horses and broke backs, grass frogs and chug bugs.
A 250 Johnson–just kidding! I would never get that!

Shimano Core

the Shimano Core 50MG Casting Reel is designed to take your light line and finesse fishing to the next level. Not only is Shimano core the biggest reel in the business, but also the most versatile. It is good for speed cranking, and high speed flipping.

It is also only $399.99!

It is made out of magnesium, so you will get the ultra lightweight feeling without sacrificing strength and durability. It has an ultra lightweight spool, for you can cast lighter baits with braided line and typical mono.

This is the main thing that I want for Christmas. Comment what your Christmas list is!