My weekend

This weekend was a crazy weekend! When I got home on Friday, there were cars lined up and down my street. At first I was like… Who’s having a party, and why was I not invited? I saw a Penske moving truck. I’ve honestly never seen a moving truck at a party, so at that point I knew it was not a party.

They were shooting a movie!!! In my freaking coladasac. Well they weren’t exactly filming a movie, but that’s for later in the story… They were planning for a movie at my neighbors house. I thought to myself it’s not everyday that there is a movie being filmed by famous directors right next door to you!

The next day which which would be Saturday they actually started filming the movie in the coladasac that I live on. They had a huge generator on my yard, and also had a bunch of wires going through my yard! They were out till 12:00 at night, but I couldn’t tell what they were filming:(… All I could see was tons of bright lights and a B.M.W.

The rest of the night was boring, because I couldn’t see anything. Well that was my weekend… Feel free to share yours below in the comments.

GoPro 4

In this video you see a couple of clips that are shot on the new Go Pro 4. The Go Pro used in this video is the Go Pro 4 Black Edition.

A Go Pro is a portable camera. It is basically indestructible. There are 10s to 100s of different mounts for it, so you can put the Go Pro on your guns, rods, and bikes.

I honestly would suggest the Go Pro Hero 4 silver. The silver has a touch screen, so you do not have to download your media on a computer to watch it. On the Go Pro all your media is at the tips of your fingers! My friend Gray and I put his Go Pros on our bike’s. We have caught some really cool footage of us on our bike’s. I usually take videos of Gray because he is really good at biking. We have also got some really funny wipeout videos!! We also put the Go Pro on our Rods. We have not caught any cool videos of that though, but we will.

Although the Go pro does not have touch screen, it can go up to 4k quality! On YouTube the highest definition is 1,080 hp, but Go Pro Black Edition can shoot videos in 4k hp!