Fishing With Dad

HHHHHHHRRRRRRRRRR you can here from the truck at 6 am. You see the reels in the back of the truck, and you feel the vibration of the truck pulling out of the driveway. You hear the crickets as we pull up to the gas station getting energy drinks and snacks, except we don’t get bait because we catch our own and there’s bait on the boat already. You also smell gasoline from the boats getting filled up for the morning fish trip.

We pull out of the gas station, everybody is tired including me and Christian my friend, because we stayed up till 2:59 am waiting for family guy to come on but of course we fell asleep right before it came on, so thats why me and Christian were tired. Me and my dad were trash talking eachother about who’s gonna catch more fish usually I do not to brag or anything.

We pull up to the dock, and we get out of the truck. My dad and Mr.Wheatley carry the reels while me and Christian walked through the store by the boat shop, and they always have my favorite drink sweet tea, and I always convince my dad to buy me one.

Were walking to boat, we get on me and Christian have to wear lifejackets. We get on the boat and bait the hooks. WRRRRRR you hear the boat starting up. Were off! we go through the rocks to get on open water. Then we get to then lucky spot “Time to fish!” WHOOOSH you here the reels sound when we cast we sit for about 5 minutes just waiting we get a couple nibbles. Finally after 10 minutes I hook a fish! ZZZZZZZZZZZ makes the line it’s a big one. After a couple minutes we have it in the boat its a 30 inch Red! later i catch 6 Black Dum and 2 Red Fish. My dad caught 3 Black Drum, once again I catch more fish than my dad!

Later that night for dinner we have Black Drum fried and fillaed it’s tasty like the usual. Then for breakfast we have some reeses puffs reeses puffs peanut butter choclate flavor! I had 6 bowls. I don’t know what we did with the red fish.

The Alamo

The purpose of the paper is for whoever is reading this can understand what happened during the Alamo. You also need to know the very brave men that fought for Texas independence; be grateful. The Texans had to defend the Alamo because they believed it was the gateway to Texas.

I hate Santa Ana the most! First of all he invaded Texas. The Texans didn’t invade them in the Alamo. Second of all if you think of Osama bin Ladan he is a terrorist. I think of Santa Ana as the terrorist back then during the Alamo. Nobody likes a terrorist ( if you do your obviously not American.) Santa Ana is very impatient with his men. For example he yelled at his two men, because they were being “to polite”. He says manners don’t win wars. The only thing that is likable about Santa Ana is that he does not want to kill baby’s or woman he’s just there for the brave men who fought. Santa Ana is very stubborn. He just wanted to march right over the Alamo. Most people would have gone around.

One of the good characters was Travis. Travis was very brave and willing to put down his life for the Texans! Travis always has a very positive attitude; he would always be determined to win the battle of the Alamo.

This movie left me with some questions…. Like, why don’t the Mexicans speak Spanish? Why doesn’t Sam Houston help? Why won’t Travis and Bowie agree on anything? Why was Crockett older in the movie than he was in real life? I found out the answer to two of my questions. Sam Houston won’t help because he is worn out and a pansie. Travis is a lawyer and Bowie is an outlaw; that’s why the won’t agree on anything.

The Texans had no way of avoiding Santa Ana. Santa Ana wanted to just March right over the Alamo, so the Texans Cowboyed up and defended their land. That’s what a real man would do! This concludes that even if the Texans wanted to avoid the massacre they couldn’t have.