Texas History On Why Texas Almost Failed As A Colony

The conflicts that the spaniards faced trying to make a colony are The geography , The population, and the hostile natives
Reason one… Hostile Natives some evidence is…
the comanches were burning down missions which is an act of terrorism.
The Comanches not only destroyed mission, but were also wrecking the Indians there. The hostile natives were killing friars. If you are mean enough to kill a Religious priest you must be very hostile . If you are hostile you are very mean; which is what the Comanches are that basically describes the Comanches MEAN!

The second reason…
The Spaniards almost failed as a colony is population. The mission population of San Antonio was declining. The Spaniards couldn’t make a colony if you don’t have population. NO population= NO colony. If you can not govern you’re a failure!

The final reason…
There were no ports, and without ports you can not park boats which was the way of transportation, The only other way of transportation was walking over the rough terrain. The rough terrain such as The Texas triangle which was a dry desert Seria Madre which was mountainous. All this rough terrain could lead to major failure.

Since the spainards almost failed as a colony they lost all interest.

WNB (Writers Note Book.) VS. Blog

Here are some differences between a writers notebook and a blog.

Writers notebooks handwritten and private. You can write about anything, because in a writers notebook anythings OK. When you post on a blog it is over electronics, and it is public and open to the world. You can not comment on a writers notebook; meanwhile you can comment on a blog-post. The purpose is to express yourself, and grow as a writer. The purpose of a blog is to engage with different audiences.

Those are all the differences I could think of… If you have some please comment them below!