Texans In The Civil War

Texans joined the Confederate States Of America in the civil war… But why, why would Texas join the CSA? Would you? The war was happening because the CSA wanted to secede from the Union. The reasons Texans joined the CSA; well there is three reasons… Reason 1) Slavery. 2) States Rights. 3) Their Homeland.

Texas needed slaves, and that is reason one. The Slave price was very expensive at the cost of $1,200, and the population of slaves in Texas was 182,566(\!! Free blacks could live in Texas, but they had of have permission from the legislature. The weird thing is that Abe Lincoln the president of the Union believed that slavery was legal, but he did not want slavery to spread. The Texans fought for slavery because they paid hundreds to thousands of dollars, and then the Union just comes on in and tries to take them.

The second reasons that Texans fought for the CSA was because… States Rights. Texas believes that no state can make another state remain with the Union, or leave. Abe Lincoln says that no state can legally leave the Union. The Southern states wanted the rights to secede, because in the Union were strongly against state rights. To have states rights would be able to have a better economy, be a better state, and best of all…. be able to secede!!!! As you can see states rights was very important, and thats another reason Texans fought.

The third reason Texans fought in the civil war was to fight for their home.In doc d the man had fear that the yankees were going to take their home away. Another thing was protecting their parents, because the man was telling his mom to take all of her belongings and leave, so the yankees can not hurt her.

These are all very important reasons why Texans fought for the Confederate States Of America. To defend slavery, to defend their homes, and states rights!