sailfish“Wake up Johnny, and Ian,” says my dad. Ian and I are totally worn out from the night before. We get off the couch, and walk to the table. After throwing a bowl of lucky charms down my throat I gather all of the Go-pro mounts, and put them in the bag.

Although Ian and I had a hard time getting up, we were super pumped to see what was gonna tug on the end of our line today!! Today was Ian’s first fishing experience in his life. We get to the dock, get in a dingy and drive out the boat. This boat was not any ordinary boat. This boat can catch fish. Its name is The WetAssII, and dang that boat can catch some freakin fish! We head out thirty miles offshore… after traveling for 1 hour with lines in the water I am out. I hear my dad yelling “FISH ON, FISH ON!!! GET IN THE SEAT JONNY!” I hop right up from my nap and hop in that seat! That fish tugged like no other. I reel and reel then the fish jumps 10 feet in the air. I just keep reeling. Finally I get  the SAILFISH 20 feet from the boat. 15 feet, 10, 5! It jumps flashing all of it’s colors from a bright blue to a metallic sparkling glossy black! We throw a harpoon, but miss, so we get a gaft and stick it right in the Sailfishs’ gut. We iget that sucker in the boat, and get a picture with it, but eventually we revive it. I had the most crazy experience in my life, and I want to share it with y’all! I jump in the crystal clear blue water, and revive the sailfish while I am swimming with it with my hand on its’ bill!

I really want to talk about how my dad, Ian’s dad, and Ian all caught a sailfish, and how I missed a 300 hundred pound marlin, but I might go on forever:). All good story’s have to come to an end, and this right here is the end of Jonny Holmes fishing adventure blog. I will never post again on this blog, but thanks to everyone out there that have taken time to read my blog… Bye:(

photo credit to my dad and Ian.