October 23

Erin Hunter’s Warrior Series

It has been 2 years since I have started to read Erin Hunter’s Warrior Series about cats who live in distinct groups called clans; Shadowclan, fierce and stealthy. Riverclan, the swimmers of the forest. Windclan, the fast and furious. But there was one more, for that there will always be four clans, never three, never two, never one. Just four. Finally, Thunderclan, proud, and always giving a hand to help out others.

I love her books, first of all because she puts personification in each of her fantasies, creating each animal with their own distinct tone in my imagination, but what I truly love is that in her books is that she puts the humans in the, unidentified group. Humans renamed towlegs (we walk on two legs, get it?), roads renamed Thunderpaths, children rename two leg kits, and the hands and feet renamed hairless paws.

Second of all (and lastly), she really knows how to create a good cliffhanger at the end of each chapter so that it keeps me, or the reader reading, the suspension insatiable to me. It even lured me in further because I have a passion for cats.

If you like cats and fantasy/action books, this book maybe be a highly recommended series for you, especially because all the series have around 6 books, and there are like 4-6 series, plus super editions (It’s probably why I haven’t finished all the books yet xD)

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1 thoughts on “Erin Hunter’s Warrior Series

  1. Mrs. Kriese

    Don’t you love discovering a great book series? How nice to know there’s a next volume waiting as you enjoy the current one! I remember how glad I was to find that a series I loved and had thought contained six volumes actually had two more books in the collection 🙂


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