Some number of years ago, a great person was born. That person would be strong, brave, and smart, and would revolutionize the world. That person is (wait for it) me! Wait, it isn’t? Oh, right! That person is you! I am myself am smart, strong (not really), and brave, but I’m not a person. I’m a Jason! As you probably already know, I love to read, play sports and video games, and play with electronics which includes robotics, programming, animation, and game design.


“Sun shines, grass grows, birds fly and brotha, I read books.”

“And then he used his fight money to buy every book in the world, then he put them in a library and read the crap out of ’em.”

“Mmmph mmmph, mmph mmmph mph, books, mnmmmph mmmph.”

“What makes me a good reader? If I were a bad reader I wouldn’t be sittin here discussin it with you, now would I?”

“Many people think they can out read me. Maybe (sniff) maybe. I have yet to meet one who can out read computer.”

“Listen buddy, I’m a reader. That means I read books. Not graphic novels, cause that would fall under your perview of comic books. No, I read big books like, for example, The Chronicles of Thomas  Covenant, the Unbeliever.”

“Then, when he woke up the pages were missing and the book’s spine was gone! Ah hah!  Anyway, that’s how I lost my library card.”

“Readin’s a lot of fun mate. Its quiet, peaceful. I guarantee you won’t go bored cause as long as there’s one library left on the planet, they’re going to have a good book.”

“He has ripped our newspapers, devoured our books and worst of all, he could be anyone with a library card. He could be you, he could be me! He could even be the potted plant in the corner!”

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