The End of 7th Grade

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This is my last required blog post of the school year. It is crazy how fast this year came and went. It feels as if I just started 7th grade a few months ago. It feels as if I just started this blog.


There were many big moments this year. Murray turned one on this blog. I got Shelly on this blog. I started my first blog this year. Before this year, I never even imagined that I would meet people from other countries through blogging. Blogging became my favorite weekly homework assignment of the year.


Overall, this has been a great 7th grade year. I still can’t believe next week is the last week of school. I hope I continue blogging even after it isn’t homework. Let’s finish my last post of the seventh grade year with some happy pictures.

Murray & His Siblings

Murray’s First Day At My House

Murray Sleeping Under A Chair

Murray Being A Coffee Table Ninja

Young Murray Hanging Out On The Carpet

Murray Today

Photo Credit: Me and My Neighbors

My Trip This Summer

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This summer, I am going to Canada to see the Women’s World Cup! I am going with the Lonestar Soccer Club. I have never been to Canada before and can’t wait.

I am going to two places in Canada, Ottawa of Ontario, and Montreal of Quebec. I will share a room with a few people. This will be my first time ever sharing a room with anyone that isn’t in my family. Of course I have spent the night with a friend, but this is actually dividing up a hotel room. I don’t know who my roommates will be, but not many people I know well are coming on this trip. Hopefully I end up with girls I know pretty well.

This will be a great trip! I can wait to see how this World Cup will end. Go USA!