Kicking a Soccer Ball

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I have recently learned how to strike a soccer ball hard and high up, I am not amazing at it yet but I am getting better and better. We are currently trying to kick a soccer ball above head height. It is very hard to strike a soccer ball that high up but I am making progress and that is all that matters. This video explains exactly how to strike a soccer ball with height and really helps.

Hope Solo

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The woman in the picture above is Hope Solo. Hope Solo is the goalie for the United States Woman’s Soccer Team and is my favorite international soccer player. I like her so much because she suddenly changed positions and I did just changed positions last year. In fifth grade I was a midfielder and in sixth grade my coach put me in defense for a tournament and has kept me there ever since. Maybe I will stay a defender, maybe I won’t, but Hope Solo will stay my favorite international player for a while.

Formula 1

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Non per niente mi chiamo Todt
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Luca Candini via Compfight

F1 (racing) season is going on right now and I can’t wait to go to a race at the Circuit of the Americas! This year F1 will be Halloween weekend so that will be different. I will be going on Sunday again this year. Personally, I think Sunday is the best day to go to F1 because it is the main racing day. Halloween weekend may be a month away but I think that I am safe to say that it will be one of the highlights of October.