Murray is 1!

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Guess who just turned 1. Murray! That’s right recently Murray turned one and had a great day to celebrate the occasion. His day started off pretty calm, he woke up, ate, and went to the bathroom. After the normal routine was taken care of we gave him his first present. His first present was a circle chew toy that looked a little like a teething ring. He ran off with it and chewed away. Later he came back again and we gave him another present—a bone shaped chew toy. He wasn’t as interested with it as much as the first toy but he chewed for a little while. After he was through with chewing he decided to take a nap. After a nice long nap we gave him the last of the the three toys. This toy was like none that he has had before. This toy is a normal plastic chew bone with a rubber center that has crevices and rounded rubber spikes. You really have to see it to understand. Anyways, he loved it and chewed on it for a while, and then we decided to go to the park. We brought a towel, a tennis ball, a leash, and Murray. When we got out of the car Murray was very eager to explore—he immediately sped out to the grass and sniffed in the smell of other dogs. As we started to walk we saw quite a few people and dogs. Most of the dogs weren’t in the mood to play so as Murray got excited the other dogs just growled. When we finally made it to the lake Murray couldn’t wait to hop in to the water. When we released him he ran down the ramp and slowly moved into the deeper area of the lake. He was an excellent swimmer—especially with the fact that this was his first time in water that you can actually swim in. He got the hang of and began to try and fetch a few things. A few things were too far for a new swimmer to retrieve, but he retrieved a few sticks. After a little swimming he was soaked and worn out so we started to head back to the car. On the way to the car we saw people collecting things. My dad asked them and they said that they were collecting pecans. Apparently it is pecan season in Texas, and there are pecan trees at the park. We collected a few before we reached the car. When we got there Murray was still soaked so he sat on the towel for the ride home. When we got home we saw all the mud on him and decided to give him a bath. He jumped into the tub and I turned the water on. As soon as I started to use the shower head he went crazy. He was running in the tub and in the room (this is a small bathroom so the water covered everything). After he calmed down I used the shower head again, rubbed on the soap, and rinsed him. After his bath he was completely exhausted so we gave him a slice of this doggy birthday cake/treat thing then he went to sleep. That was the end of his 1st birthday. Here is a picture I took of Murray: 20141201-153919.jpg Here is a picture I took of Murray’s “cake”: 20141201-154111.jpg

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4 thoughts on “Murray is 1!

  1. Him going crazy with water feels kind of normal. He runs like a reindeer pretty often. He also jumps into the bathtub whenever he has access to it. Long story short, Murray LOVES water.

  2. Oh my, Murray is so cute! I love celebrating my dog’s birthday each year. My dog, Macy, loves to go to the lake too. She is not a good swimmer, so she has to wear a life jacket.

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