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Last weekend there was a soccer tournament in San Antonio. My team played in it. We played two games on Saturday and two on Sunday. We did really well the whole weekend. We were undefeated the whole tournament!

In the first game, we nearly tied. We won 1-0 to a team that is about equal to our team. The goal that we scored was barely even a goal. The ball rolled in very slowly and barely slipped under the goalie’s arm. It may have been a bad goal but it made us win and that was all that mattered. We also got bonus points for a shut out (the other team not scoring a goal).

In the second game, we won 6-1. I was a defender the whole game except the last six minutes or so. For the last few minutes, my coach moved me up to attacking midfield (offense)! In that time I scored a goal that went above the goalie’s head and to my left. I also made an assist! An assist is when you pass the ball to another player and then they score.

In the third game, we tied 0-0. We were playing a team that had a row of four defenders right outside the goal box. This prevented us from scoring. The other team had a lineup like that because they needed a tie to have a chance of going to the final round. We needed a tie or a win to move on to the finals. After the referee blew the whistle at the end of the game, we got very excited. We were going to the final.

For the fourth, and final game of the tournament, we played the same team as the first game. We were doing well and were up by one for most of the game. Then, the other team scored. Normally, this wouldn’t be bad, it would just be a tie. In the final round of a tournament, it goes to penalty kicks. After that, my team tried extremely hard to score a goal, but we didn’t get one. It then became time for penalty kicks. My coach created a line up, and we started. Their team scored. Our team missed. Their team scored. Our team missed. Their team missed! Our team scored!!!! The other team shot again and scored. Then we shot again and we scored! They shot again and missed. Then it was up to this shot to see if it was sudden death or the other team would win. We scored! We were all tied up. It was now sudden death. All of the people on the field were coming to watch. The other team scored. If this shot didn’t make it, we wouldn’t win. Goal! More sudden death. They scored. We scored! They shot. They missed! If this ball made it in, we would win. The suspense was building. GGGGGGOOOOOOAAAAAALLLLLLL! We all got up and ran over to the girl who shot the last ball. Then we went over to the award area, and got 1st place medals.

This was a very fun tournament. It was kind of strange having everyone on the fields watching us. Even the food truck employees were watching! I hope we can do it again next tournament.

Here is a picture I took of my shiny new medal:


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