Why Saturday is the Best Day of the Week

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You wake up, and roll over to your alarm clock, 9am. You roll back over, and fall back asleep. Saturday is the best day of the week.

To begin, you don’t have to go to work or school. You have tons of time on your hands. You can do anything all day long. Chocolate waffles make for a very good Saturday.

Another reason, is having another lazy day to look forward to. On Sunday night, all you have to think of is the weekend ending. On Saturday night, you can think of all the fun things you get to do the next day. Sunday night blues aren’t fun.

Therefore, Saturday is the best day of the week. Saturdays with chocolate waffles are even better.

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One thought on “Why Saturday is the Best Day of the Week

  1. I agree with you Jenna, Saturdays are by far the best day of the week! You have freedom all day long and you can do whatever you’d like! On my Saturdays I usually play lacrosse, eat food lol, and hang with my friends and or family. Chocolate waffles sound amazing! I’m obsessed with waffles, berry belgian waffles are my favorite! & forgot to mention, Jenna is such a good name! 😉

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