The Phantom’s Lair

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The man known as “The Phantom” slowly stomps down the stairs, stumbling on the last step. He reaches out and grabs his flashlight, as always. He then points it at his all of his belongings. His board for plotting revenge, his many instruments, his picture of Christine. The light stays on Christine’s picture for a few seconds longer than any other belonging.

Christine was the girl that he had tutored at the opera house for many years. He had grown feelings for her. When she became the main role in a show at the opera house, he became jealous. He took her to his Lair. When she woke up, she unmasked him. Underneath his mask, was a hideous face. He immediately sent her away from his lair. Despite his strong feelings for her, he was very upset.

He then he moves on to plot his revenge. He goes to his organ, half the size of his lair, and begins to work on his revenge. He was going to write play and make the opera house perform it. With of coarse, Christine as the main part. He would give it to the opera owners when they celebrate the phantom not coming back.

After a long time working on the script, he grabs his flashlight, and he prepares a cold, mushy dinner. After dinner, he grabs his flashlight and climbs into his cold, hard bed. He pulls a sheet, as thin as paper, over himself and falls into a jerky, restless sleep. He wakes up to do the same thing all over again.

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2 thoughts on “The Phantom’s Lair

  1. I love your choice of time here: the months between the end of Act I and the beginning of Act II. Great job with an intriguing topic.

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