What is Life Without a Little Color?

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Is your life just the same thing every day? Wakeup, go to school, do homework, go to sleep. Imagine if one small element of your life was taken away. Color. Those simple moments would become too simple, too bland.

Color is a very simple concept. It is just another thing for description and categorization. Things color can do is the amazing part. Color adds another element to our everyday lives. In The Giver by Lois Lawry, the town Jonas lives in has no color. He and The Giver are the only ones who can see color. Imagine that. Losing color is like losing light. No color really adds to the boring element of sameness. It really feels like part of life is missing.

Color is a very important part of our lives. We really take it for granted. Color is the simple, yet complex part of our lives that we need. Color enhances everything.
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The Weather

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The weather has been very aggravating this year. My first game of the soccer season was just a few weeks ago. It has been very rainy this spring.

This weekend I am supposed to have two soccer games, but there is a high chance of rain. Hopefully my games won’t need to be rescheduled. If these games get rescheduled, my team might not be able to finish the whole soccer season. I have never had a soccer season with this many rainouts. Maybe the season will just end later than normal.

Motogp at The Circuit Of the Americas is also this weekend. The rain will make sitting outside, near a race track, very uncomfortable. Hopefully the rain this weekend won’t affect the races.

I love rain, I really do, but hopefully this rainy time ends soon.

10-Day Forecast From Weather.com:
Heavy Thunderstorms 86°F / 65°F
Precip: 90%

Cloudy 75°F / 65°F
Precip: 20%

Scattered Thunderstorms 80°F / 67°F
Precip: 60%

Thunderstorms 82°F / 68°F
Precip: 80%

Scattered Thunderstorms 84°F / 68°F
Precip: 60%

Thunderstorms 84°F / 67°F
Precip: 80%

Scattered Thunderstorms 87°F / 69°F
Precip: 50%

Thunderstorms 82°F / 61°F
Precip: 80%

Mostly Sunny 77°F / 56°F
Precip: 10%

Partly Cloudy 77°F / 54°F