What is Life Without a Little Color?

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Is your life just the same thing every day? Wakeup, go to school, do homework, go to sleep. Imagine if one small element of your life was taken away. Color. Those simple moments would become too simple, too bland.

Color is a very simple concept. It is just another thing for description and categorization. Things color can do is the amazing part. Color adds another element to our everyday lives. In The Giver by Lois Lawry, the town Jonas lives in has no color. He and The Giver are the only ones who can see color. Imagine that. Losing color is like losing light. No color really adds to the boring element of sameness. It really feels like part of life is missing.

Color is a very important part of our lives. We really take it for granted. Color is the simple, yet complex part of our lives that we need. Color enhances everything.
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