11 1/2 Days Until School is Out!

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The winter break is coming up really soon! Along with break, the holidays are starting! This is the season where everyone is happy about something. Everyone is getting ready for the holidays right now. In English we are even reading A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. Ebenezer Scrooge is the only person who isn’t happy about the holiday season, and he is a character from a fiction book. The only thing that you can wait for is finals week.

I have a big semester exam for math during finals week. This seems like a really beefy test. We take it over multiple days. I wish that we could just have winter break and skip all the tests. Enough about testing, let’s go back to the bottom lineā€”the holidays.

People in my neighborhood have started putting Christmas lights up. My dad and I have started. Last weekend we put up our snowflakes, put lights on the trees, wrapped the outside stair handles with lights, and wrapped the inside stair handles with lights. We also hung the stockings up. We have a lot more work to do before we are ready for Christmas. We still need a tree, and we still need to set our inflatable penguin up in our front lawn and put up all the other lights.

I can already tell that this is going to be a great Christmas. This is going to be Murray’s first Christmas. He is adjusting well to all the lights and smells. We have even gotten him a stocking with a picture of a dog looking at a Christmas tree.

Hopefully these weeks pass fast because I am really excited for everything (other than testing).