Why Dogs are the Best Pets Ever

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You walk down the stairs and open up his crate. He greets you with his happy wiggle. Dogs are the best pets ever!

For starters, you could never meet a creature that loves water as much as a dog. They will tire themselves out just by swimming back and forth. They can even get hydration at the same time. Labradors are the best water dogs there are. Do cats enjoy water as much as Labradors? I think not.

And, dogs, especially Labradors, will cuddle with you anytime. When you hug them, they don’t resist. Some dogs even roll over for a belly rub when you come to cuddle them. Labradors can cuddle for hours, especially Murray!

In conclusion, dogs, Labradors in specific, are the best. And for that matter, Murray is the best pet there is.

Are there any dogs cuter than this little goofball?

Photo Credit: Me