Murray’s Latest Doggy Days

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Murray (my dog) has taken on a new hobby, whimpering. He usually is quiet (for the most part) and sweet, but lately he has been whimpering a lot.

When my dad got home from work yesterday he whimpered. Murray sat at the door and whimpered away. After waiting at the door for a few minutes the whimpering became loud barks. Imagine doing your homework with a dog whimpering and barking frequently. Let me tell you, it isn’t very fun.

Murray has also started to howl. Each howl is mixed into a few barks. This is how my dog sounds when he hears something outside: arf arf arf arf arf arooooooooooo arf arf arf. There are plenty of people (and dogs) walking in our neighborhood so we hear that bark howl combination quite often.

Now I know that I have been complaining this whole post but Murray really is an awesome pup. Murray is a loud, sweet, and happy puppy. Although I don’t really like his new “hobbies” I love almost everything else about him.

Here is picture I took of Murray: